Great Big Halloween Post

Instead of adding three separate posts about our Halloween adventures, I’ll just post everything together. Halloween is a busy time of year. I think it’s a close second behind Christmas. We always seem to have a lot going on, so there are a lot of things to photograph. We’ll start off with the Momentum Academy Halloween Party. That’s where the kids take karate lessons and this was their first annual Halloween bash. They went all out and the kids really enjoyed themselves. There were lots of great costumes (both kids AND adults) and tons of sweet snacks!

Next up was the Discovery Unlimited Halloween Party at Vaughan’s preschool. Rheya and I stuck around to take pictures and help out. I uploaded all the pictures of the preschoolers to my website where the parents could view and download them. I figure it’s my way of bringing a treat (since I’m absolutely useless in the kitchen). Rheya had so much fun playing with the “big” kids!

And, finally…trick-or-treating! In Wyoming, Halloween is generally pretty cold and sometimes snowy. Most of the time the kids who come to the door are so bundled up in winter coats, you can’t even see any of their costumes. It’s kind of a bummer. This year, it wasn’t super cold, but we decided to trick-or-treat at the mall so everyone would be comfortable and warm. Besides, I wanted to make sure these adorable costumes could be seen!


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