We must be a little bit crazy…

We really had no intention of buying a house only four days before we leave for DisneyWorld, but it just worked out that way!

Yes, we just bought a new house! It came on the market, our agent told us about it and next thing we knew, we were making an offer (along with two other people). Our offer was accepted and the circus began. We had to pack, finish the things on our old house that needed to be finished, wait and wait and WAIT to find out if we could close a few days early (we couldn’t), and then figure out how and when we would be able to get all of our stuff moved. You’ll have to forgive me because I was so busy with all of this stuff that I didn’t take any pictures of moving.

The house is bigger and we have four acres of land and a 30′ x 50′ barn! It’s outside city limits, but not very far, so we get all the benefits of rural living without all the distance or hassles. We even still have regular cable and internet service (which works great, by the way) and natural gas rather than propane. We could have horses if we want…although we’d actually rather have a couple of little goats. The bad news is that the house is incredibly ugly and outdated, so we’ll be spending the next ten years updating. It’s totally livable, and we’ve got lots of room, so I just try to look past the ugly walls and carpet and the hideous kitchen cabinets and countertops.

*Edited to add this picture of us in front of our new house on Christmas morning*


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