DisneyWorld Fun!

I just don’t think you can beat having a DisneyWorld birthday! We decided this would be a great time to take the kids to Disney since: 1. It’s a great time of year to go 2. It was Vaughan’s 5th birthday and 3. Vacations at this time of year will only get harder to do because the kids will be in school. So, we made our reservations, bought our tickets, and we left on December 2nd.

The kids did VERY well on the plane ride. I was pretty worried that Rheya would be difficult because she hates sitting for very long, but Rick kept her entertained and she was pretty happy the whole flight. Vaughan, of course, did great, but I knew he would. :)

We stayed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort because we didn’t want to rent a car or spend an arm and a leg on a fancy hotel room. After all, we only slept in the room, so why waste a bunch of dough on a room in which you’ll have your eyes closed the majority of the time, right? It was a nice enough room and had all the stuff we needed. Plus, we could catch a shuttle bus to any of the parks or Downtown Disney, so it made getting around the parks pretty easy. Pop Century also has a food court area, so we had most of our breakfasts there and a couple of lunches and dinners.

We visited all four parks, plus Downtown Disney. We also attended the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. That is a MUST DO for anyone visiting DisneyWorld at the holidays. It was amazing and beautiful! It’s quite exhausting to do Disney with two young kids, so we didn’t even see half of what there was to see. We had to take a lot of breaks and walk slowly, so we made sure to do the things we really wanted to do and if we had time for anything else, it was a bonus. We were fortunate enough to get some passes from Rick’s cousin, Luke, who works for Disney. He happily showed us around a little and met up with us a couple of times to hang out. It was so great to get some of the “inside scoop” from someone who really knows!

On Vaughan’s birthday (December 8th and our last day at Disney), we got him a button that said “It’s my birthday!” so all day long people were telling him “Happy birthday!” and he loved that. While we were out, Mickey and Minnie came to our hotel room and dropped off some presents for Vaughan. He got a stuffed Mickey, a personalized Mickey ears hat, a cool balloon that plays music, an autograph book and pen, an autographed picture of Mickey and Minnie, and a cake! It was so great and he was beyond excited to see all his gifts!

As we vacationed, I began to realize a few things along the way. Here are a few of my realizations.

Things I Learned on Our DisneyWorld Vacation:

  • I cannot pull rolling luggage with my left hand
  • Our kids are excellent little travelers
  • It’s ok to let the kids have pudding for dinner and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast
  • I am capable of carrying a two-and-a-half year old much further and longer than I thought possible
  • It’s hard to be the only one who doesn’t snore
  • Our kids are extraordinarily well-behaved compared to most kids out in public
  • People from all over the world visit Disney – I’ve never heard so many foreign languages in one place
  • Kids find joy in the smallest things…like escalators
  • The $15 R2-D2 light-up, spinning toy is totally worth it
  • It’s ok to let the kids stay up late…it’s vacation!
  • The holidays are an amazing and magical time to visit DisneyWorld
  • Good always triumphs over evil; Love always triumphs over hate

So, we had a great time! It was tiring at times and the kids had tantrums and got grouchy, but those aren’t the memories I’ll hold onto over the years. We’ll all remember the fun and the amazing things we saw and experienced on this trip. We can’t wait to go back again. Maybe for Rheya’s 5th birthday!

Enjoy the pictures!

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