The girls!

We are officially embracing rural life! We are the proud owners of four fluffy, fuzzy, adorable baby chicks! We are not looking to raise chickens, but these four girls will start to produce some eggs for us to eat (and share) in about five months or so. When we brought them home, they were one week old and these are some pictures from their first week here with us. It’s amazing how much they have grown already. After watching them for a few days it was pretty easy to see their personalities, so I was able to come up with some names for them.

Big Mama – the biggest chick who seems to be the bossiest
Cuddles – the smallest chick who is the most relaxed
Spinderella – the chick who spends the most time scratching
Shy Anne – the chick who is a little bit skiddish (that name came from a friend via Facebook after I asked for some help naming her)

After a week of spending time with them as much as we can, Big Mama has already become the most outgoing and comfortable with us. If you put your hand down in front of her, she’ll hop right up on your fingers and you can lift her up (not too far) as she practices her balancing skills. It’s pretty fun! They will continue to live in the metal tub in our garage until they are fully feathered (about six or seven weeks) and then we will move them to a coop out in the backyard. We’ll have to predator-proof the coop by burying some chicken wire all around the perimeter and they will only be allowed out of the coop during the day if someone is out there to keep an eye on them. Eventually, we want to add a bigger chicken paddock area out by our barn. It will be a place where we can rotate them from section to section to “graze” so that each of the other sections has a chance to grow back in.

Enjoy the pictures!

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