Banished to the Barn

I’ve been pretty sad for the last few weeks. We recently had to put our inside kitty, Jinx, outside…permanently. When we moved to this house in December, something in Jinx just snapped and he started peeing in the house. Whether it was smells from the former home owners’ pets or he just had some sort of issue all on his own, we’ll never know. Whatever the problem, we couldn’t allow him to stay in the house anymore, so we decided the best option was to make him an outdoor-only kitty. He is still not very happy about it…even after almost three weeks outside. Out in the barn, we set up some soft places for him to sleep, some food and water bowls, and even a litter box for him. We also put a cat door into the barn so he can come and go as he pleases. Unfortunately, the ONLY thing he wants is to be around us, so he just sits on the back porch and cries and cries and cries all day and night. It breaks my heart, but there’s nothing else we can do about it. :(

We go outside to visit him whenever possible and he loves that. Despite his banishment, he is still totally social and friendly. I’m not sure when he’ll figure out that this is permanent and perhaps start wandering around a bit more. He’s still a very young cat (not even two years old), and he knows nothing about outdoor life. I’m hoping some natural instincts will kick in eventually.

Here are some pictures of Jinx in his new outdoor environment.

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