Introducing Nova!

We have an adorable new family member! We adopted Nova from the Black Dog Animal Rescue (the same organization that we adopted Ellie from) and she is cute, funny, and ALL energy…ALL the time. She’s a Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and boy, does she ever HEEL! If anyone gets up to go anywhere in the house, she is compelled to follow along. It’s kind of amusing, really.  :) She’s learning some tricks and we have discovered that she is a great jumper. Ellie and Nova get along really well and have lots of fun playing…until Ellie is too tired and tells Nova to buzz off. Here are a few random pictures of Miss Nova!

And, you may be wondering how the other animals are doing. Everyone is great! Keo hates the dogs and avoids them whenever she can. There is a lot of hissing when she walks through a room. (I don’t have many recent pictures of her, but there are a few in the iPhone pictures post.) Jinx is still an outdoor cat and seems to be doing fine…even in the cold temps. We have a couple of warm places for him to sleep and he knows where to go for food, water, and warmth. He comes inside every now and then, but we have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t torment Keo. Ellie is enjoying Nova’s company, but she’s not a cuddly dog, so Nova can’t sleep to close to Ellie or she gets and earful of growling. We had to switch Ellie to scheduled mealtimes which she was not happy about, but if we leave food out for her, Nova eats all in about 4 seconds flat. She’ll get used to it, I hope!

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