Gettin’ muddy in the mountains

We took a day trip with some friends up to the mountains west of Laramie. It was a really fun time! We brought our Teryx and had some fun driving through mud and down some bumpy trails. We took Nova with us because we knew she wouldn’t be able to handle being home all day without us (Ellie handles it just fine). Nova had a good time, but did get sick after a particularly bumpy trail. She bounced back quickly though!

I love the picture of the four of us in front of the Teryx looking mostly dismayed as we are holding up our muddy, wet goggles. Rick took the Teryx through a big, huge, deep mud puddle (the kids, Nova, and I watched from a safe distance). What we forgot to do was take our goggles off the goggle holders. As he went through the muddy hole, all four pairs fell off the holders and three of the pairs landed on the floor, in the muddy water that had collected on the floorboards. Guess whose goggles landed safely on the seat?

There were also some really beautiful wildflowers up there, so we had to stop and snap a picture of the kids standing among all the flowers.


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