Updates, updates, updates!

I’ve been putting this off because I kept getting further and further behind. Once you’re this far behind, it seems like such a daunting task to write one big update blog, but here it goes…


Ok, the first really big news is that we’re pregnant! And to answer all of the standard questions we get:

1. Yes, we’re very excited!
2. The baby is due on December 12th.
3. Yes, we want to find out the sex (our ultrasound is on July 25th).
4. Yes, we have names picked out.
5. Yes, Jenny is feeling fine now that the first trimester is over!

So, I’m sure this will be a topic that will be covered more as the months go on, but for now we are getting more and more anxious and trying to prepare ourselves (and our cats) for a new little family member.

In May, I went to Chicago for a few days with my mom, sister and niece. It was a fun “girl’s only” trip that consisted of a full day spent at The American Girl Store in downtown Chicago. It was every little girl’s dream. I would describe it as completely “over-the-top” in every way imagineable. We even had lunch in The American Girl Cafe where all the food was kid-friendly (and very delicious) and they provided a booster chair for each little doll at the table. My mom and I also took in a performance of “Spamalot” on our last night there. It was also “over-the-top” and just as hilarious and even more strange than the movie. We loved it!

On May 19th, my parents, Rick’s mom and myself all headed up to Casper to attend Rick’s Turnout Ceremony from the Electrician Apprenticeship Program. It was a lovely ceremony which also included dinner and some awards. Rick took his state test on June 22nd and passed with no problems (despite a brief power outage…can you say “ironic?”). It’s been a long four years, but he made it through and can now call himself a Journeyman Wireman. He’s even had some opportunities to have his own apprentices on the job.


In June, we took a trip to Appleton, Wisconsin to visit Rick’s dad, step-mom and brother. Justin (Rick’s brother) graduated from high school this year, so we were present to help celebrate that very special occasion. While we were there, we visited The House on the Rock, The North Eastern Wisconsin Zoo (NEW Zoo), Lambeau Field, and The Cave of the Mounds. We had a great time visiting and we were happy to share our baby news with Rick’s dad in the form of a Happy “Soon-To-Be” Grandfather’s Day card!


At the end of June, we had the usual Denim and Diamonds fun, but this time my mom and step-dad were the Honorary Chairs for the event. It was a very big honor for them and they were pleased to have so many friends and family there to share in the festivities. We attended a party on the Friday night before D ‘n D and we also got a sneak peek at the auction items and decorations on the morning of the event. This year’s Denim and Diamonds had the highest attendance and raised the most money to date. It was a huge success all around!


So, that’s the big update. I’ll try not to let myself get that far behind again. There are a TON of new pictures in the gallery, so please feel free to browse around and see the photographic evidence of our adventures. Be sure to keep an eye on the “Pregnancy” gallery for pictures of my ever-expanding belly!

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