Climbing to new heights and giving me a heart attack…

I still can’t believe that Rheya and Vaughan share the same genes because they couldn’t be more different.

Vaughan was always so cautious and rarely took risks of any kind. It took him a long time to feel comfortable enough to leave my side when we went to public places like the library or the playground and he tried out new skills very slowly and with much encouragement.

Rheya, however, is a completely different story. She wanders off the second her feet hit the floor. She goes right up to other kids to play with them, and now…she has discovered climbing! The other day in the bathroom she got up on Vaughan’s little step stool and gave me the proudest look I’ve ever seen. It was cute, but terrifying all at the same time. Then, at the park, she climbed up four stairs on the playground equipment. Yikes! Then, today, she climbed up on the rocking chair in the bedroom and might have climbed up onto Vaughan’s bed if I had given her the opportunity. Will I survive this?

Rheya the climber

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