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Luck ‘O the Irish

It was just pure luck that we had such a lovely day today to spend up at Vedauwoo…St. Patrick’s Day AND just a few days before the first official day of Spring. Such unusually nice weather for Wyoming! I’m not complaining, but I sure will be depressed when it snows again…because it definitely will. March is historically the snowiest month in Wyoming, so we’ll see what Mother Nature has in store for us for the second half of the month.

Anyway, we had a great time looking around, climbing on rocks, and eating some lunch. It was a little bit breezy, but still totally gorgeous! Oh, and yes, we all had on our green shirts…even if they aren’t obvious under jackets and sweatshirts.

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A photo rescue and some cuties

When I am shooting pictures of the kids, I take A LOT of shots. I mean A LOT! There are always several in every bunch that I took without remembering to adjust my settings…or they are doing things so quickly that I just try to snap without adjusting and hope for a miracle. Here’s an example of one that I was able to rescue in Photoshop (because I was shooting in RAW which gives you much better control over highlights and shadows). I actually ended up with a semi-useable photo!

Here are a couple of other shots by our barn. There are some great locations here around our property and I was excited to get a chance to test them out with the kids!

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Well, really just one sickie…Rheya. This was the first REALLY beautiful day we have had around here in months, and Rheya was sick today. :(

We struggled through the day and finally by late in the afternoon she was feeling better so we sat outside on the back patio for a little while to soak up some Vitamin D. We were both still in our jammies, but that’s ok!

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Remodel Update

We’ve been making a little bit of progress on the house. The pantry hasn’t changed, but we did get new carpet upstairs as well as new paint in two bedrooms and new closet organizers in two bedrooms. Here are some pictures:

The carpet…tearing up a couple pieces of the old sub-floor and then the new carpet by the stairs.

Here we have the master bedroom and Rheya’s room with no carpet, no baseboards, and before the new paint.

This is the master bedroom (with the red wall) and Rheya’s room (with the awesome pink wall) after paint and new carpet.

And here are the finished bedrooms with furniture and the new closet organizers in the master and in Rheya’s room. We still need to paint Vaughan’s room and put in a closet organizer for him. We’re getting there…slowly, but surely!

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Our Karate Kid

Vaughan has been doing karate since August of 2011 and he really enjoys it. He was liking it enough that we decided to go ahead and buy him a Gi (the uniform you see pictured here) for Christmas. He has wonderful focus when he’s in class and picks up on things very quickly. His sensei says he is ready to move onto the big kids class, but we are waiting just a little longer to see if Rheya will maintain interest in karate as well. If Vaughan moves to the other class, then she’ll be in the Grasshopper class without him and I’m not sure she’s ready to do that just yet. We might try having Vaughan do both classes for a little while this summer and see how everyone does with that.

Since I had my backdrops all set up, I asked Vaughan to put on his Gi, so I could snap a few pictures of him looking so serious. :)

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Happy Birthday, Rheya!

Yes, she really is three and, no, I can’t believe it!

Rheya is a beautiful, smart, independent, willful little girl. She is choosing her own outfits now and can usually get herself all dressed with only minimal assistance. She’s a very picky eater and usually argues about everything that we put in front of her at mealtime. She is pretty shy when she meets new people, but will usually warm up after a little while. She no longer takes naps willingly, but will often fall asleep on her own in the afternoons. Rheya loves to play with Vaughan, but is also easily frustrated by things that her brother does while they are playing. She has a hard time sharing, but that’s not unusual for a three-year-old! She has been taking karate classes with Vaughan and she seems to like it pretty well. She generally participates in about 80% of the class and retains almost everything she learns there. She can recognize a lot of letters of the alphabet and can count to ten most of the time. She knows her name starts with an “R”, so that seems to be the first letter she always looks for. She loves dolls and stuffed animals and has taken a liking to pretend cooking, although she would much rather “help” in the real kitchen when there is dinner on the stove. She can be very silly, especially when Vaughan is around. They are a lot of fun together (as well as a lot of work), but she is very sweet and quiet when it’s just the two of us.

Happy birthday to our little Sweet Pea! We love you, Rheya!

We had a small party for Rheya at Nana’s house with a few friends. It was low-key, but very nice and Rheya got some lovely gifts. We had a wonderful dinner followed by some birthday cupcakes and ice cream!


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A pantry in our future

When we bought this house, we knew there were a lot of things we would be changing and remodeling. Well, here is one of our first projects…well, the beginning of it anyway. There’s no pantry in this house, and since there’s this weird space next to the stairs, we thought it might make a really nice spot for one! Part of the space will be used for a chase when we have our new furnace installed, but the rest will be pantry space with lots of shelves and lots of storage. Here’s the progress so far:

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