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Fu Panna

A while back, we took both kids to a movie at the theater. Vaughan had already been to a movie once before and he was so great! He sat still, watched and didn’t get out of his seat once…of course, he was three-and-a-half. We wanted to see how Rheya would do at almost two-and-a-half, so we took them both to see Kung Fu Panda 2. As before, Vaughan was no problem, but Rheya only lasted about halfway through the movie (or until we ran out of snacks to keep her occupied) before she was wandering back and forth in our row and climbing up and down in her seat, etc. A few weeks later, I took both kids (by myself, but with some other mom friends and kids) to the kids’ summer movie which happened to be Kung Fu Panda 1. Again, Vaughan was great and sat with his friends the whole time, but Rheya was a little antsy after the snacks were gone. We still made it all the way through, but it was challenging.

Rheya’s movie-going experiences have left her thinking that ALL pandas are called Kung Fu Panda. So, she has two stuffed pandas and both are lovingly referred to as “Fu Panna.” Does it get any cuter than that?

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Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’…into the future

It really does seem odd that we have already approached Rick’s 20th high school reunion (and mine is next summer). When I think about all the things that have happened in the last 20 years, it does seem like a lot, but then again, high school doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. Strange.

Still, Rick and I aren’t ones for hiding our age or worrying about getting older. It happens. Just go with it.

So, we had a nice time at his class reunion. Since I was in the grade below, I actually did know some of Rick’s classmates. We attended a Friday night mixer at Uncle Charlie’s, then a family BBQ/pool party at Cole Pool on Saturday and a dinner/dance at Little America on Saturday night. It was good to see some familiar faces (and some that looked so different that I never would have recognized them without the help of name tags).

Time is the only thief we can’t get justice against.  ~Astrid Alauda

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Forgotten by Cat Patrick

I have yet another friend from high school who has written and published a book! The first one was my friend, Allison Wedell Schumacher, who wrote Shaking Hands with Shakespeare. When she was in Cheyenne for a book signing, we went over and got a signed copy and a picture (although that was before I had my digital camera, so I’m not sure where the picture is at the moment).

Now, my friend, Cat Patrick, has written a book called Forgotten. She was here this weekend for a signing, so we made sure we got over to Barnes and Noble to see her. Congrats, Cat! Much luck to you on your next book (due to be released next summer).

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Once around the lake, Jeeves

I have been doing my best to let Vaughan get some practice riding his bike (with the training wheels) so when it comes time to learn without the training wheels, he feels totally comfortable with pedaling and braking and all the other stuff. We don’t have a good spot near our house for him to practice, so we have been going over to Lion’s Park to walk/stroller/bike ride around the lake. It’s about a mile and the kids tolerate it pretty well…although they are both ready to play on the playground by the time we’re done. Here are some pictures from a recent trip around Sloan’s Lake.

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Holy Hail, Batman!

Generally speaking, the weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming is pretty great. We have seasons…real seasons. We have hot days, we have cold days, we have very few tornadoes, and no hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanoes (although, technically, Yellowstone is a MASSIVE volcano and would most likely kill all of us here in Cheyenne if it blew). It’s a nice place to live. But, then there are the rare freak hail storms like we had yesterday! Yowza! I’ve never seen anything like it! It sounded like a freight train flying past our front door and the damage it caused in such a short period of time is unbelievable. Both of our vehicles received some damage (no broken windows though) and all of our plants are pretty much trashed. The worst hit was the center of town (where we live). Some of my friends didn’t get any hail at all and some only got the usual little pea-sized or smaller hail stones. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story (captions underneath each picture).

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I remember doing a blog post about the words that Vaughan could say and how he pronounced them, so I thought I should do the same for Rheya…before I forget the cute way she says stuff! She has TONS of words and uses them in sentences. She’s very animated when she talks and will very often get a really serious look on her face as she’s rambling on. It’s pretty adorable! This is just a short list of some things she says often.

Poo-pih-ter (computer) – this one is my current fave!

Tuhtee (cookie)

Yeeve me a-yone! (Leave me alone!)

Yow down (lay down)

Peeyo pet (pillow pet)

Wan (Vaughan)

Jins (Jinx)

Diff un (this one)

Dah wan (that one)

Mah ha tees (mac and cheese)

Moak (milk)

Deuce (juice)

Buss tees (brush teeth)

White dare (right there)

En dare (in there)

Titchen (kitchen)

Tow wah (stroller)

Fiss mine hay-uh (fix my hair)

I neen doughs (I need those)

Ben (bed)

Tinkabow (Tinkerbell)

Take ooo (thank you)

Yawnee (laundry)

Ah hope you (I’ll help you)

Wee-sigh-co (recycle)

Then there are a ton of words that she says perfectly normally. We are able to understand her pretty well most of the time, but when she gets onto something that is completely out of context, it gets a little difficult. It’s a fun age and I’m always impressed when I realize she has suddenly picked up several new words. Beautiful and smart!

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Finally! A Fourth of July to enjoy!

I have to admit…my pessimistic nature got the best of me when it looked like this July 4th was going to be exactly like the last two…RAINY! However, Mother Nature really came through this time and we were blessed with a beautiful evening. We made our way over to Lion’s Park with some friends and plopped down on the softball field to watch the fireworks. The kids had fun running around until the show started. Even the big kids were testing out their long unused gymnastics skills. Something about a large, open grassy area was just calling to them, I guess!

Once the fireworks began everyone settled down to watch and Rheya was completely amazed. She kept saying, “More?” every time there was a short lull in the action. It was pretty fun and I was so glad that we were able to watch the show outside under the stars instead of in the car with the windshield wipers going! Hopefully your holiday was safe and fun!

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Oooo…the pooool and the zoooo!

If you’re four years old, or even two years old, is there anything better than fun in the pool followed by a trip to the zoo? Add your two favorite cousins to the mix and that sounds like a perfect weekend! We spent the night at my sister’s place in Denver where the kids had a ball playing in their pool and then we all went to the zoo the following day for some “wild” fun. We also got to see Nana for dinner since she has been staying in Denver so she can be with Dan every day while he is recuperating. Rheya, as usual, wouldn’t cooperate for a picture of all four kids, so I did the best I could. One day she’ll grow out of this, right?


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Take me out to the ball game…

Vaughan is done with soccer and we have now moved on to t-ball. I have to say, I’m enjoying t-ball a lot more than soccer. It’s totally adorable, of course, but the overall vibe is just more fun. Vaughan absolutely loves it and he was thrilled to discover that one of his friends from preschool is on his team! We’ve had a great time at his games and even Rheya has fun running around and socializing with the boys.

I finally had a combination of good weather, a charged camera battery, and a cooperative Rheya so I could get some pictures of Vaughan playing.

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