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Denim and Diamonds 2011

Another Denim and Diamonds party! We were missing Dan this year though. He has been very ill since Easter and has spent the past few moths hospitalized here in Cheyenne and now in a hospital in Denver where he is recovering and receiving lots of therapy to get him back to his old self. My mom still came to Cheyenne for the party and we had a nice time before she went back to Denver the next day. We were all apparently really dense this year and didn’t bring any “real” cameras, so you’ll have to pardon the quality of the pictures I have. The only cameras we had available were our iPhone cameras!

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Hey, Cheyenne! That was a Super Day!

Every year for many years now, Cheyenne residents are treated to a huge day of fun at Lion’s Park. The event is called Superday and it has become quite a spectacle. I can remember going to one of the very first Superday events when I was in high school (I think). It was pretty small back then, but it has grown to a HUGE, fun-filled party. There are dozens of booths (crafts and local businesses), lots of bounce houses and slides, games, music, and food. The best part is that almost all of it is free (except for the food and some of the games and things). It’s good family fun!

We took the kids this year to check it out and they were pretty overwhelmed. Vaughan didn’t even realize we were in Lion’s Park…a park he is very familiar with since we go there a lot. Rick and I were both very surprised when Vaughan said he wanted to do the giant bungee thing where they strap you onto some giant rubber bands and send you flying high into the air.  We let him try it and he did two big jumps and then said he was done. What a brave guy! Rheya is not yet to the stage where she’s willing to try things like you might find at an event like this, but we did find a nice little bounce house where they both had fun jumping. It was a hot day, but we had fun!

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Indoor Camping!

This week I decided it would be fun to have an indoor camp-out…right in our own living room. It’s about as much “camping” as I can handle! The kids were very excited about it!

To prepare, I made a pretend campfire out of some painted paper towel/toilet paper tubes and some tissue paper. It was really easy and turned out so cute! I also bought marshmallows and chocolate bars for s’mores and I picked up a couple of kid-sized sleeping bags at Wal-Mart. They only had Transformers sleeping bags, so Rheya didn’t get a girly one like I wanted. She didn’t care.

So, after t-ball, we came home to prepare our campground. We spread a big blanket on the floor and had dinner (PB&J)…picnic-style. A wild animal came into our camp site and joined us around the fire. He was very friendly though, so we didn’t mind having him there. After we ate dinner, we roasted our marshmallows over the fire (I put cotton balls on the end of some sticks so we could pretend to roast) and then we enjoyed our s’mores (made in the microwave)! Then, we cleaned up and brought the mattresses out from the kids’ beds and put out the sleeping bags…along with the usual bears and blankets that are necessary for sleeping. We read some camping stories and then relaxed (watching “Alvin and the Chipmunks”) until the kids fell asleep!

What a fun night! I’m sure we’ll do this again sometime. Any excuse to eat s’mores is ok in my book!

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Neglecting the iPhone Pics

I have this fantastic iPhone that Rick bought for me in March and I realized that I haven’t really been posting any of the quick, spontaneous pictures I take with the iPhone camera. It could be that, as a photographer, I am displeased with the overall quality of the pictures that the iPhone gives me, but I decided I just need to get over it. It’s the memories that matter!

So, here is a little Flash slideshow of some iPhone pics between March and now.

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Pacifier-Free Zone!

The most incredible thing happened today and this was not AT ALL how I thought this would go down. We have been talking to Rheya about getting rid of her pacifiers (we call them suckers) for a few weeks now. She has only been using one at nap time or bed time, but she’s pretty attached to them. We were down to only two suckers in her bed. I took them into the kitchen to wash them and noticed that one of them was broken. I handed it to Rheya and asked her if she would throw it in the garbage because it was broken. She took it and threw it away and then came back over to me and said “That one, too?” I asked her if she was sure she wanted to throw away the other sucker and spent about five minutes explaining what that meant. She still wanted to toss it, so I let her.

At nap time, she had a bit of a meltdown that lasted about 20 minutes, but then…she actually fell asleep without a sucker! She has never fallen asleep in her bed without one before! Sure, she might fall asleep in someone’s lap or in the car without one, but this was a HUGE first for her. We’ll see how she handles this in the coming days, but I am so proud of her that I could just burst!

Here are a couple of recent pictures (from my iPhone) of Rheya with her sucker. Hasta la vista, sucker!

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