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Frontierin’ 2010

Well, I’m not sure “frontierin’” can count as a word, but that’s what we did for another fun Frontier Days! We attended a parade and hung out at the midway/carnival. We also went to the pancake breakfast and watched the Thunderbirds fly on a very cloudy and dreary day. Finally, Rick and Vaughan wrapped up the week with the rodeo finals!

We also got a chance to do some of these activities with Rick’s Uncle Danny and his friend, Jill, visiting from Florida. They loved all the fun and had a great time with Vaughan and Rheya.

Here we are at the Saturday parade:



Enjoying turkey legs and rides at the carnival/midway:




Hanging out at our house after a busy day:



Waiting in line at the pancake breakfast:


Yum! Pancakes!





At the rodeo:



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Growing up and looking cute

The summer is flying by so quickly! Vaughan has been attending a summer pre-school program and he loves it. It is held at the pre-school he’ll be attending in the fall. While Vaughan is at school, Rheya has been enjoying some one-on-one time with Mommy. It’s also a great time to do some shopping since shopping with one child is always easier than shopping with two!

Both kids continue to be excellent sleepers. Vaughan has given up naps completely and Rheya is down to one nap after lunch. They both go to bed easily and stay in bed all night (except for the occasional trip to the potty for Vaughan).

Rheya still doesn’t have many teeth. As far as we can tell, she only has the front eight teeth…four on top and four on bottom. She’s not very cooperative, so it’s hard to look in her mouth to see if there are any others. She’s been acting unusually grouchy, so maybe there are some more teeth on the way. She’ll be 18 months old next month and we’ll see how much she has grown since her 15-month appointment at the pediatrician’s office. Last time she was a pound lighter than she had been at her one-year appointment, so we’re hoping she has put on a good deal of weight to keep the doctor happy. She eats well and is learning and imitating all the time. She still doesn’t say any recognizable words, but she has been doing several signs for many months now, so she still can communicate very effectively.

Vaughan is a little chatterbox. He narrates his entire day…it’s like a running commentary of everything that’s happening. And, in case you missed anything, he’ll be happy to fill you in! His vocabulary is huge, but his pronunciation is not where it should be. So, he was attending speech therapy this past spring and will continue with it in the fall. He loves the computer and is very good at figuring out anything that has to do with technology. He has a very good memory for games and how to use any electronic gizmo you put in front of him. He can do mazes for an hour and then still want more! He also loves riding his bike with Daddy and going to breakfast with Daddy on Saturday mornings. It’s their special one-on-one time!

I take A LOT of pictures of the kids and here are a few of my recent faves.





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Our little superhero

Like most little boys, Vaughan enjoys superheroes…including Spiderman, Batman, Super Why and others. We just introduced him to Superman as well, so I’m sure he’ll add him to his list of go-to characters when he’s pretending to fight “the bad guys” (lately the bad guys have been pirates). I found this adorable cape pattern at Puking Pastilles and just had to try it!


It’s reversible with Batman on one side and Superman on the other. Once again, my machine embroidery skills are pretty pathetic, but from a distance it looks great and Vaughan thinks it’s pretty cool!

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