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Climbing to new heights and giving me a heart attack…

I still can’t believe that Rheya and Vaughan share the same genes because they couldn’t be more different.

Vaughan was always so cautious and rarely took risks of any kind. It took him a long time to feel comfortable enough to leave my side when we went to public places like the library or the playground and he tried out new skills very slowly and with much encouragement.

Rheya, however, is a completely different story. She wanders off the second her feet hit the floor. She goes right up to other kids to play with them, and now…she has discovered climbing! The other day in the bathroom she got up on Vaughan’s little step stool and gave me the proudest look I’ve ever seen. It was cute, but terrifying all at the same time. Then, at the park, she climbed up four stairs on the playground equipment. Yikes! Then, today, she climbed up on the rocking chair in the bedroom and might have climbed up onto Vaughan’s bed if I had given her the opportunity. Will I survive this?

Rheya the climber

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Kid-Free Weekend

Rick and I had a much needed break this weekend as we got in a little R&R at a beautiful bed & breakfast in Estes Park, CO. It was called The Black Dog Inn and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to stay in Estes. We relaxed, did a little window shopping, had a nice dinner…and did I mention that we RELAXED?

Here are a few pictures!

A small herd of elk came to visit us for breakfast on Saturday morning.



Lunch in downtown Estes.


Hanging out on the porch of our suite…after it had stopped raining.

IMG_7760 IMG_7762

Dinner at The Stanley Hotel.


Here I am drinking a “Redrum Punch”


We had a great time and we owe it all to Grandma, Nana, and Grandpa for watching the kids so we could take this little break!

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Color sorting

In an attempt to entertain Vaughan for a little while and give him a chance to work on some fine motor skills, I had him help me sort all of my buttons by color. I have A LOT of buttons, so it took about 45 minutes to get through all of them. It was a very colorful sight!





Vaughan took this picture of me with my big, heavy DSLR camera. I thought it was pretty good considering he doesn’t even look through the view finder to see what he’s doing!


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Some miscellaneous pictures and stuff…

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately, but I haven’t been very good about adding them to the blog. It’s that darn Facebook! Anyway, here are a few miscellaneous things from recent weeks.

The kids playing one afternoon…

IMG_7109 IMG_7122 IMG_7124

IMG_7141 IMG_7138

Easter Egg Hunt at the park with our playgroup…

Vaughan with basket2

Rheya with egg2

Vaughan running2 Rheya-smiling-swing Vaughan swingBW

A fun little photo shoot in our living room…


IMG_7535-Color Burst



Some fun at the Children’s Garden at the park and some more fun in our own backyard…

IMG_7615-2 IMG_7610 IMG_7633-2




And Rheya’s first ever pig tails!


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