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Scribble Magnets

This was a neat little project I thought I would try out. I found the idea for it on this blog. Vaughan and I scribbled on some paper with some markers and colored pencils. Then I cut out circles to fit the flat-bottom marbles, glued the paper circles to the marbles, added a couple coats of Mod Podge, and hot-glued a strong magnet to each marble. Pretty easy and so cool!

Scribble Magnets

I did another set using some of my patterned scrapbook paper (of which I have TONS) and they turned out pretty neat, but I think I like these scribble designs even better! I really like they way the glue smeared the marker a little bit when I attached the paper to the marbles. It gives it a really neat water color effect.

Scribble Magnets

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Big girl, big chair

Rheya is six months old now…how can time be so cruel? At her check-up yesterday she weighed 15 lbs – 10oz and was 25-3/4 inches! I looked at Vaughan’s weight and length from this age and he outweighed her by almost two pounds and he was an inch longer. Rheya is growing and developing well and she screamed through the entire exam and the shots. Poor girl!

I put her in the big high chair for the first time today. She still doesn’t sit up on her own, but she seems to like trying to sit up, so I figured she might enjoy the chair. She had her lunch and then played for a little while. She was all smiles!

First time in the big high chair

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Now he’s going to expect this ALL the time…

Yes, we do still live in Cheyenne where nothing exciting ever happens, but we did recently have yet another monster truck show come to town. This time it featured two big name trucks that Vaughan has heard of. He even owns the toys of those trucks! This really is quite unusual for Cheyenne…two monster truck shows in two months.

Well, anyway, Vaughan and Rick went and had a great time! They got to meet the drivers and Vaughan even got his toy monster trucks autographed by the drivers! It’s been four days and he can’t stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. He also keeps saying “Maybe Vaughan see more monster trucks sometimes?” Adorable!

Vaughan in front of Bounty Hunter

Here’s Vaughan with Bounty Hunter driver, Darren Migues.

Vaughan with Bounty Hunter driver, Darren Migues

And here he is with Iron Outlaw driver, Joe Miller.

Vaughan with Iron Outlaw driver, Joe Miller

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Some stuff and things…

I’ve have noticed a definite change in the way I post to the blog now that there are two kids in the house. Basically, I don’t seem to do it as often as I used to. The good news is that I do still take pictures and update the blog when I can…which usually results in three of four new blog posts at a time. I never said it was efficient, but it works for me.

Anyway, Vaughan had some kind of viral infection a couple weeks ago which left him with a high fever, no appetite and very little energy, so he spent a couple days on the couch like this:

Camped out on the couch with a fever Camped out on the couch with a fever

Poor little guy. He was completely over it after about five days or so.

Rheya did not get sick (fortunately) and she’s still as cute as ever. Here she is playing around with my headband:

Rheya wearing Mommy Rheya wearing Mommy

And some other cuteness…


Lastly, here’s another Vaughan/Rheya comparison. I love these!


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Parades, pancakes and planes!

Check your calendar! Yes, it was another Frontier Days week full of fun here in Cheyenne, Wyoming! We are still keeping it simple for the sake of our budget and our sanity. Some of the events here are just too much for a toddler and a baby to handle. We started off our activities with the Saturday parade and we rode our bikes to our usual spot downtown. The weather was perfect! Rheya fell asleep half way through, but Vaughan stayed interested almost the whole parade.

At the parade

At the parade...Rheya asleep

At the parade

Next, we hit the pancake breakfast on Cheyenne Day. Vaughan ate a lot and didn’t even mind sitting in the stroller while we waited in line. Lots of people, but very enjoyable!

Vaughan and Rick at the pancake breakfast

Jenny, Rheya and Vaughan at the pancake breakfast

After the pancakes we made our way to the south side of town to watch the Thunderbirds performance. Vaughan was so excited and watched the whole show! Rheya fell asleep, although she did get a little upset when the planes flew right over us and startled her a bit.


Here they come!


Rheya asleep at the Thunderbirds show

Great times and great memories! Yee haw!

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Five months!

Can time really be going this fast? I can’t believe it, but Rheya is five months old already. She’s rolling all over the place and is desperately trying to crawl. She has managed to move herself as far as about a foot and a half, so I’m sure it won’t be too long before she’s cruisin’ along right after her big brother!

Rheya has been sleeping much better at night and at nap time as well. She also has discovered her feet and loves to lay on her back and hold onto them. Still no teeth in the works, but she’s drooling and chewing on anything she can get her hands on.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

Rheya Marie at five months

Rheya Marie at five months

Rheya Marie at five months

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