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Since Vaughan’s vocabulary has recently exploded, I thought I should take a few minutes to jot down some of the cute things he says!

  • One of our cats is named Marcel, but we also call him Buddy. For a long time Vaughan has called him Buddy (or “Buh-ee” as he says it), but recently he has started calling him “Sellmar”!
  • He recently learned about phone books, so now he calls them “fona boots.”
  • Grandma has a Husky named Nakita. Vaughan calls her “Keeta.”
  • Every time we go to the mall, Vaughan immediately starts saying “puppies” because we always stop at the pet store to see the puppies.
  • He calls other kids “kins” and if he doesn’t know a kid’s name he calls him or her “kin.”
  • He has a friend named Rocky whom he refers to as “Wocky.” He has another friend named Alaree whom he calls “Ah-ee.”
  • Vaughan’s favorite movies at the moment: Cars (pronounced correctly), Wall-E (”wah-ee”), Finding Nemo (”meemo”) and Ratatouille (”mouse” or “too-ee”). Oh, and movie is pronounced “move.”
  • He can be very bossy at times and often tells us to “Si-down!” It is said all together as if “sit down” were one word.
  • He’s very interested in football and calls it “fooball.” He also requests his “fooball dammies” when it’s bed time and we are picking out jammies for him to wear.
  • Another big interest is monster trucks. He has quite a few and loves to play with his “mah-dah tucks.” He can even name several of his trucks such as “dee-ah” (Grave Digger), “mah-dee” (Maximum Destruction) and “hop-eels” (Hot Wheels).
  • One of his favorite things to eat is “tin-tin and sauce” which of course is chicken with BBQ sauce for dipping!
  • My mom wanted to make sure I mention one of her favorites. Napkin is “napums.” She says she likes Vaughan’s version better than the real word!
  • This one has taken me a while to catch on to…puzzle is “puzz,” but he would bring it up at such random times I couldn’t get it in context.

Some of his words can only be understood in context. For example:

  • “Dah-ee” can either be Daddy or doggy.
  • “Moat” can either be milk or remote (as in, remote control)
  • “Nana” can either be Nana (Jenny’s mom) or banana. Although in the last few days he has said BAnana a few times when referrring to the fruit.

This is just a small sampling of his vocabulary. He’s really very chatty and tries very hard to get everyone to understand him when he really wants something. He gets a very intent look on his face and repeats the words over and over…almost slowing it down for you so you’ll be sure to understand.

He has really started putting small sentences together and every now and then he amazes us with what sounds like complete sentences. Just tonight, both Rick and I were surprised to hear him say, “Daddy, sit down on the floor.” And not long ago he said, “Daddy, go get more pizza.” Amazing!

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Holiday wrap up

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We sure did! It was a quiet one, but we enjoyed watching Vaughan open presents and discover new toys. We spent Christmas Eve with Nana, Grandpa Dan and Grandma at Nana and Grandpa Dan’s house and then we spent Christmas morning at our house with Grandma. Vaughan got lots of neat gifts and really enjoyed the new monster trucks we bought for him.

Rick, Vaughan and Jenny

Vaughan with Nana and Grandpa

Vaughan and Grandma

Lucky Charms

Checking out his stocking

Vaughan loves his trucks!

Cool new stool with Vaughan

Grandma with her new afghan

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You may recall that when Vaughan turned one, we took a series of pictures of him holding up the letters that spell O-N-E. Well, that was so cute that I figured we should keep it going again this year!

This was much more difficult since Vaughan now has the ability to run away, but we did our best and managed to get enough pictures before the battery on the camera died. It was literally a one minute and twelve second period in which we got all the pictures of him holding up the letters. The rest of the time was spent simply convincing him that he did, in fact, want to get up on the chair and hold up the letters.

Vaughan is two!

And, just to refresh your memory about last year’s picture:

Vaughan at one year

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All I want for Christmas…

…is for my two-year-old to sit nicely on Santa’s lap for a cute picture.


Vaughan with Santa

Yep, he did beautifully! He laughed and smiled the whole time and even chatted with Santa about what he would like for Christmas. (That list is limited to words he can actually say…cars, trucks and choo choos, but Santa got the idea.) We were very proud of him and glad to have a happy memory of Vaughan’s first visit with a shopping mall Santa!

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Baby Loves Disco (and so do Mommy and Daddy…)

Once you have kids, your nights of heading out to a club to dance to some nostalgic tunes pretty much fly right out the window. This is especially true if you live somewhere like Cheyenne, Wyoming where the only kind of music to dance to is country. Ugh.

Enter the genius idea of Baby Loves Disco. What a great concept! The idea stemmed from one mama’s and one papa’s desire to get out and dance to some hip tunes while finding a way to include their families. You head out to a real club (during daylight hours), pay your admission fee for yourself and your child(ren) and dance the next few hours away while the kids enjoy bubble machines, hula hoops, scarves and more! The idea has spread like wildfire and there are now almost 30 cities across the US that are offering Baby Loves Disco events.

Now that you know what this is all about, these pictures might make a little more sense. Yesterday, Rick and Vaughan and I drove down to Boulder for Baby Loves Disco at the Boulder Theater. It was great fun!

Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Baby Loves Disco

Vaughan loved these silk scarves and ran around with one over his head for quite some time! It was well worth the trip to Boulder!

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