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The countdown is on!

I saw this really cute idea on this blog the other day, so I thought we’d try it out, except we made ours with green “vines” rather than arms and legs. It’s a “Countdown to Halloween Pumpkin” which we can use to count the number of days left until Halloween. Yeah, Vaughan might be too little to understand, but I’m sure he’s going to like tearing off one ring of the chain each morning. (Anything that involves tearing or crumpling is a-ok in his book.)

So, here’s our process and our result:


Vaughan got to color the pumpkin with crayons.


Vaughan finished coloring his pumpkin

Ready to count down to Halloween!

And here it is hanging up on our front door! Starting tomorrow, we’ll tear off one ring each morning when he gets up. I bet after just a few days he’ll run straight for it without me having to remind him!

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I keep forgetting to post these pictures from our trip to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. We went down to Denver for the day and had a nice time at the Denver Zoo. We got there first thing in the morning as soon as the zoo opened and it was great! It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t crowded and the animals were out and awake. I highly recommend going to any zoo as early as you possibly can go!

Cool lizard!

Daddy and Vaughan looking at the elephants

Feeding the birds

Feeding the birds


What an exhausting trip to the zoo

Vaughan was wiped out by 1:00, so we left and continued our day with a bit of shopping. Despite having to get up early and spend all that time in the car, he did amazingly well the whole day and slept like a log that night!

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Moving target

Wow. I’m exhausted after a short trip to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens today with Vaughan. I wanted to get some pictures of him, but after about 75 shots, I really only got just a few winners. He’s not too keen on sitting still and posing, so I have to do my best to chase him around with the camera pointed at him AND focused on him while trying to make sure he’s not about to fall into a fountain or stumble into a nicely manicured bed of flowers. Whew!

Well, here are the fruits of my labor…a few of them anyway. Enjoy!

At the Botanic Gardens

Looking at the flowers

Here I am!

Walking through the labyrinth

At the Botanic Gardens

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Remodeling update

I’m sure all of you (all four of you who read this blog with any sort of regularity) have been anxiously awaiting some new pictures of the remodeling project we have going on with the front of our house. Well, here you go!

Rick has finished the deck (except for some trim pieces and a couple of other minor things). He also installed a brand new front door and a brand new window (with the help of some friends). Vaughan loves going up and down the stairs on the new deck. He very carefully holds onto the black balusters as he makes his way down. Oh, Rick also put up a brand new mailbox. This one is black to match the balusters and the new trim we’ll have once the siding is done next month.

A view of the new deck and front door

New door

New window where the old door used to be

We still need to find a new porch light. This is proving to be difficult as we just can’t seem to find any that we really like. We also need to move the house numbers, but that won’t happen until the new siding is up.

I’m sure our neighbors will have a parade when this is finally all done. They’ve had to endure our ugly front yard and pieced-together plywood siding for quite some time.

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Yeehaw! It’s Frontier Days again!

We’ve done our best to stay out of most of the Frontier Days craziness once again this year, but since Vaughan is a bit older we decided to take him out to a few things we thought he might enjoy.

Here’s Vaughan with Rick at the pancake breakfast on Wednesday.

At the pancake breakfast

Applauding the breakfast entertainment

And here are a few pictures from the parade this morning.

Daddy and Vaughan watching the parade

Vaughan and Mommy

Here comes a fire truck!

At the parade

He got a kick out of seeing all the horses and trucks at the parade, although he did start to lose interest about halfway through. We’re making progress though…last year he fell asleep!

We also did watch the Air Force Thunderbirds perform, but I didn’t take any pictures. Vaughan only paid attention when they flew right over us. They were so low to the ground we could almost see their faces!

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Weed control

For several years, we have enjoyed seeing a herd of goats make their way through some of the fields that line one of Cheyenne’s busy streets. The goats are moved on a daily basis and are kept contained in a small area by a fence and a herding dog (whom I haven’t seen, but have heard is usually around). The goats are there acting as “weed control” in areas that would be pretty hard to mow with a conventional lawn mower.

We went to visit the goats as they were busy knocking out the weeds near Office Max and the Post Office.

Looking at the goats

Looking at the goats


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So, apparently I’m living in a hole or a cave or something. I had no idea that New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) were making some sort of a come-back until I caught the video for their new single “Summertime” while watching VH1 this morning. Ack!

First, before I get into what I really want to say, let me clarify something. Twenty years ago, I was a big NKOTB fan. I knew all the songs, I had their poster up in my room and I even went to their concert at Fiddler’s Green in Denver. I really liked them. A lot.

Ok, that being said…what the hell are these guys thinking? Yes, they can all sing pretty well and I’m not completely against the idea of a reunion tour/album, but my problem is with this song and this video. UGH! Twenty years ago, these guys were about my age or a little older. That would make them about 35-39 right now. I am really not interested in seeing grown men dance around to a cheesy “boy band” tune doing cheesy “boy band” moves. Oh, and that’s not all. The video? Those girls probably weren’t even BORN when NKOTB was at the top of its popularity. On a scale of 1 to 10, this video scores a “Creep Factor” of ELEVEN.

Ok, so maybe I’m not their target demographic anymore…BUT MAYBE I SHOULD BE!

I have captured a few screen shots to illustrate the ridiculousness of this whole thing.

Here’s a shot from NKOTB’s video for “Summertime”

I thought…hmmmm….that looks kinda familiar.

Sure enough. Here’s a shot from NSYNC’s video for “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

AND a shot from Backstreet Boy’s video for “I Want it That Way”

Seriously. Seriously?? HOW could these guys agree to this?

I really hope we don’t have to suffer through a dozen more of these “middle-aged, boy band comebacks” in the coming years. I don’t think I can handle the creepiness of it all. By the way, groups like Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones are still awesome and still rockin’! Of course, they don’t all dress alike and do icky hip-hop choreography…

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New hair and new hats

As you may have noticed from the Fourth of July picture in the previous post, Vaughan is sporting a new short hairdo! As if he didn’t already look JUST like Rick…:)With his hair so short now, we have to be extra careful about making him wear a hat when he’s out in the sun.

Vaughan’s Pappy and Grandma Terry got him a couple of new hats which arrived in the mail yesterday, so we took a few pictures outside. They are these totally adorable FITTED toddler hats. Too cute for words…so here are the pictures to illustrate.

New Packers hat

New Packers hat

New Yankees hat

New Yankees hat

And here’s a shot without a hat, so you can see the new “do” up close!

Short hair!

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