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If you think you don’t like cats…you need to meet Marcel

Rick and I have both been around a lot of cats. We love cats. They are great companions, just as loyal as dogs, very clean and absolutely hysterical to watch! Vaughan is quite enamored with Marcel who, in turn, puts up with a lot of fur-pulling and tail-tugging.

Today Rick got quite a few pictures of the two of them playing with a balloon and then later playing with a shoe box. Here are a few of the pictures, but there are more in the photo gallery.

Ok, you play with the string. I


Note the Applebee’s balloon. I’m still waiting for my check from them for the advertising I’m providing here…


Seriously. Can you get out of the box now?


Clearly, Marcel is significantly larger than a pair of women’s size 8 shoes…

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I like my eggs hard-boiled…and pink

It’s hard to believe Easter is almost upon us! It’s so early this year that I keep forgetting it’s this Sunday. We decided to color eggs again this year even though Vaughan is still too young to really help with any of the messy stuff.

Each year we try a different type of egg dyeing kit and it seems that each year we are disappointed. Either they don’t turn out that great or it’s too time consuming or too messy. Whatever. This year’s choice was a “marbled egg coloring kit”…sounded pretty neat. Well, the yellow dye was terrible because even after leaving an egg in the yellow dye for 10 minutes, you could hardly even see the color. Plus, after a few eggs, the oil in the dye mixture got really spotty and wouldn’t make the cool marbled texture anymore. So, we ended up with mostly pink and purple eggs because those were the colors that produced the best color on the eggs.

So, here are a few pictures from our adventure!

Bowls of dye


Jenny Vaughan...grabby, grabby

Eggs drying

I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of all the finished eggs and post them this weekend. Happy Easter!

Edited: March 23, 2008

Here’s a shot of the finished eggs. See? Mostly pink and purple.

The finished eggs

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At least they’re just baby teeth

So, the other night I was giving Vaughan a bath. His new favorite thing to do is stand up in the tub. While he thinks this is just great, it makes me pretty nervous, so I hover with my arms outstretched to catch him if he slips. Of course, he gets really mad if I actually touch him, so I have to keep my distance without actually keeping any distance at all. It’s tricky.

Anyway, he was pulling himself up on the side of the tub, preparing to stand up when his knees slipped out from under him and he fell, mouth first, into the side of the tub. It was an awful noise and he made the worst face I think I have ever seen. He screamed for a while, but eventually calmed down and did go to bed without a problem. What we noticed, however, upon closer inspection of his mouth is that he actually chipped his two front teeth! You can see it in the picture below…

March 14, 2008

He doesn’t seem to be any worse for the wear and at least they are baby teeth. Funny thing is…he still wants to stand up in the tub.

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Let’s try that again, shall we?

Last Sunday was my birthday and was quite possibly one of the worst birthdays I’ve ever had. Not only had we just lost Holly the day before…and missed out on Baby Loves Disco which I had been looking forward to for a whole month, but I ended up sick as a dog. Yes, on my birthday. I spent most of the day in bed while poor Rick was stuck taking caring of Vaughan who was also sick.

So, when Rick asked what I wanted to do today, I said, “I’d like to pretend it’s my birthday!” So, we did! I got a ton of new clothes (Rick and Vaughan very patiently toured around Kohl’s while I picked out some things I like) and we also went and got some new towels, a new shower curtain and a new bathroom rug with some of our tax return money. Rick even made me a cake AND wrote “Happy Birthday” on it in red frosting. So sweet!


Yay! I can finally say that I’m officially 34!

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Good-bye, pretty girl

It’s been a sad day at our house today. We had to put our oldest cat, Holly, down this morning. She was 14 years old and seemed to be telling us that it was her time to go. She had become so terribly skinny from the hyperthyroidism and the last couple of days she had stopped eating and drinking all together. She could barely walk and spent nearly every minute of the day laying on the bed or on the couch just staring into space. It was a very difficult decision, but we felt she was uncomfortable and unhappy, so it was the thing to do.

Sleepy Kitties

I adopted Holly from the Denver Dumb Friends League in 1994 shortly after I moved to Denver. My mom specifically told me “Don’t go to the animal shelter!” but, of course, I didn’t listen and two weeks later I was bringing Holly home to my apartment. She was so small and skinny that the folks at the shelter had mis-judged her age by about 4 months. She settled into her new life with me very quickly and soon became a loving and loyal companion. Holly and I moved six times in eight years, but she always took it in stride. I did notice that after the first few moves, Holly would become a little agitated and visibly upset if I were cleaning and moving things around. I think each time she saw cardboard boxes being stacked up, she thought it meant another move was coming.


When Rick and I bought our house, she could finally have her own space, but it didn’t last long since we brought Marcel home just one week later. While Holly and Marcel were never really best friends, they did get along sometimes and even took naps near each other from time to time. Even when we brought home another kitten, then a newborn baby, and then finally a puppy, Holly always easily accepted these new family members without a problem.


She was a friendly hostess when visitors came to the house and she enjoyed curling up on any lap that was available. She had a tiny spot of white on her chest and I called it “the spot” because she loved being scratched there. She would lift up her head and stretch out her neck as far as it could go, then she’d shake her back leg like a dog! She enjoyed lounging in the grass on sunny days and loved to roll in the dirt whenever she got the chance.

The house already feels a little more empty without her here. She was a very sweet kitty and we will miss her terribly.

Good-bye, pretty girl.


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We’re baaaaaack!

We just got home today from a quick trip to Pennsylvania. Rick’s grandfather passed away last Wednesday, so we flew out there to attend the funeral. It was good to see everyone (and good to meet some folks I hadn’t met before), but it’s unfortunate that it had to be under those circumstances. Vaughan never had a chance to meet his great-grandpa (or “Pop” as everyone calls him), but at least he got to meet Gram. She was thrilled to finally have a chance to see him in person!

Vaughan with Gram

Vaughan also enjoyed playing with all of his second cousins (mostly boys).

Siblings, cousins and second cousins

And, yes, this was Vaughan’s first airplane excursion and he did beautifully! We even got compliments from total strangers about what a well-behaved, quiet child we have. In fact, on the first airplane this morning, he slept the entire time. Then, on the second airplane, he slept about half the time and played quietly in Daddy’s lap the rest of the time. What a relief!

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