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Moby in motion

Wow. Black animals are REALLY hard to photograph. It’s been a real test of what little knowledge I have about the settings on my camera.

This is what I usually end up with:


These kind of photos are a result of Moby’s inability to sit still for too long.

Sometimes I can get good ones:


But I used a flash on this one so he looks really shiny and has a big dark shadow across his nose and around his eyes.

Here are a couple with and without the flash. Still working on it…

Moby Moby

And, by the way, look at those gigantic feet!


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Look, Ma! No Hands!

Last night while I was at work, Rick said Vaughan walked a few steps all on his own. When I say “all on his own,” I mean he did it without any coaxing. For a couple of weeks now, he’s been taking small steps, but only if one of us is sitting in front of him encouraging him to move forward. Well, last night he made the decision to move forward all by himself!

So, this morning, he was nice enough to do it for me too! I just happened to have the camera pointed at him so I managed to catch a series of three pictures…holding on, walking, and falling into Mommy’s lap!


Way to go, little man!

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Wanted: TV Repair Person

Sunday, January 6, 2008:
Rick turns on our Samsung plasma HDTV and after about a minute, the picture goes black, but the sound remains on. The TV is not useable and by that night it won’t even remain on for more than about 15 seconds.

Monday, January 7, 2008:
I call the warranty company to arrange for an “in-home service call” and after pushing numerous buttons and getting hung up on three times by their stupid phone system, I finally get to speak to a real person. The representative contacts the local TV repair company in Cheyenne and says they will call within 24 hours to arrange an appointment. Someone from the repair place does call about 30 minutes later and says the EARLIEST they can send someone over is Friday, January 11, 2008. Five days. Fine. Whatever. If that’s the earliest you can send someone, I guess I’ll take it.

Friday, January 11, 2008:
The repair shop guy shows up, looks at the TV for all of a minute and a half and says he has no idea why it’s doing that and he’ll have to take it down to the shop so they can look at it more closely. Ugh. They’ll call when they’ve had a chance to look at it to determine what the problem is. Good-bye TV.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008:
Rick calls the repair shop to find out the status of our TV. No one has even looked at it yet. They’ll call when they’ve had a chance to look at it. Ugh ugh.

Friday, January 25, 2008:
The repair shop has had our TV for two whole weeks now. I call them again to find out the status and I am told they have no information on it (presumably meaning that no one has looked at it yet). I am told that they only have two repair “technicians” and a lot of work to do. The days of Cheyenne having five or six repair techs are long gone. Not my problem. I mention that there’s a little football game called the Superbowl coming up soon. No response. I ask if there’s any way we can get a replacement TV while they work on fixing ours. I don’t get an answer, but he says he’ll put “notes” on it saying that the customer is antsy for some information. Ugh ugh ugh.

WHY do they only have two repair techs?
WHAT ever happened to good customer service?
HOW long is it going to take to FIX the TV after they have determined what’s wrong with it?
WHEN did this country become so “disposably-minded”? TV is broken? Well, shoot…let’s just buy a new one. We’ll put those repair guys right out of business.

Ummm…we can’t afford to just BUY a new one, so we are in need of a TV repair person. Apply here.


We finally got our TV back on February 8th. It was actually ready on January 31st, but we were trying to get ready to leave for Pennsylvania and didn’t have time to go pick it up.

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I have enjoyed seven full months of being a stay-at-home-mom with no job responsibilities (well, no paying job responsibilities). While it’s been great and Vaughan and I have had a lot of fun, our bank account is suffering. I made the decision to go back to work at Applebee’s (part-time) for a while to help with the finances. I have worked for Applebee’s for a total of about four years, but not consecutively and not all at the same location. I first worked at the Applebee’s here in Cheyenne almost 15 years ago during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college. Wow…15 years ago!?! I bet some of the kids working there now are barely older than 15! Most recently, I worked at the Applebee’s here from September of 2003 to March of 2005.

Anyway, I start tomorrow night and last night I had my first Apple-mare in quite a while. Wait…what? You don’t know what an Apple-mare is? It’s basically an Applebee’s related nightmare where everything that can go wrong, does. If you’ve ever worked as a server in a restaurant, I’m sure you’ve had nightmares like this. Generally, the dream follows one of two paths:

a. Time is moving very quickly and I’m moving very slowly so I can’t get to all my tables fast enough and I can’t get their food ordered fast enough, etc…

b. The restaurant actually expands at a very rapid rate and my section of tables keeps getting bigger and bigger and I can’t keep up.

Last night’s dream was more like the second scenario. Every time I turned around, there were more tables full of people and there wasn’t any sort of organization among the servers that were working. Everyone was just taking tables randomly all over the place, so I couldn’t even remember which tables were mine. It was very stressful.

When I was working full-time as a server, I would have these dreams at least twice a week. Even after I quit working there I continued to have them periodically for a while. So, next time you’re at a restaurant and are ready to put down a tip for your server, keep in mind the mental strain they are probably under, not only while at work, but during their REM cycles as well.

So, here’s some photographic evidence of my previous employment at Applebee’s. Here I am (sometime in about 2000) on my way out the door…heading off to work at the Westminster, Colorado location. Don’t worry, I pulled my hair back when I got there.

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Please? Please? Please?

We’ve been working on getting Vaughan to do the sign for “Please” when he wants something and he finally did it yesterday! He wanted more of the ice cream we were eating and after several rounds of doing the sign and then giving him a bite he actually caught on. It’s pretty cute and once he figured it out he just kept doing the sign over and over and over to get more ice cream.

Speaking of eating, here’s a cute picture of a messy lunch!


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The ongoing saga of the clumsy dog

Let’s see…Moby is not quite six months old and he’s already had a cat’s claw stuck in his eye, caught the OTHER eyelid on a metal hook and now has sprained his foot. He tripped UP the stairs and sprained it. It’s amazing how easily he adjusted to walking on three legs. Nature just works.

He’ll be fine, by the way. We are supposed to keep him from doing too much walking around, so he’s really REALLY bored. It’s too bad he can’t do crossword puzzles or play Solitare. That’s probably what I’d do if I couldn’t move around.

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A brief moment of peace

Generally, this scene does not happen very often in our house.

Marcel and Holly

Holly (the brown tabby) is a grouchy old lady and doesn’t get along with the other cats. She doesn’t really get along with Moby either, but mostly she just ignores him. You can see from the picture that neither cat looks very thrilled, but they did both stay there for about ten minutes or so.

Speaking of not getting along with Moby…last night Marcel took several swipes at him and actually made him bleed. Marcel is one tough kitty and Moby apparently has no pain receptors in his nose.

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